Writing Winning Grants Webinar: Fundamentals of Grant Development

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Everything You Should Know Before You Write

Do you currently want to write a grant or have you written one that was not funded? Knowing the systematic steps to formulating a grant application, be it to a federal source or a foundation, is key to achieving funding.

This webinar is a two hour session. Join our expert presenter, Dr. Mathilda Harris during this live webinar on "Fundamentals of Grant Development" as she outlines the seven most important strategies for writing and submitting proposals.

7 Key Webinar Take-Aways:

  • Strategies on matching the donor's guidelines to your request for funding
  • Techniques on how to make your request clear and logical
  • Outline of the components of a grant proposal
  • Understanding how your grant will be reviewed
  • Building partnerships and communicating with donors
  • Packaging and submitting your proposal
  • Specific techniques on how to revise proposals that you have submitted

This webinar is geared for those who:

  • Are new to grant writing
  • Need to strengthen their grant writing skills
  • Have submitted proposals, but now need to resubmit
  • Wish to apply or have applied to federal, foundation and corporate grants
  • Are not familiar with how their grants will be reviewed
  • Need to strengthen their communications with funding agencies

Live Webinar Details:

This webinar takes place entirely online! Participants will join a live online meeting during which they will see a feed of the instructor's computer desktop, a video feed of the instructor, and hear an audio feed. There will be live instructor feedback during the session, so a headset or microphone is suggested (although participants can also ask questions through text chat). Only an internet connected computer with either speakers or headphones is required. After signing up, participants will receive further details by email.

A discount of $20.00 per person will be given if more than one person registers from the same organization.

Cost for this webinar is $195.00. Members receive a $50 discount off all webinars.