Writing Winning Grants Webinar: Professional Grant Development Companion

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A Follow-up to Our Professional Grant Development Workshops

We highly encourage those who have taken our Grant Development Workshops to complete their training via the Professional Grant Development Companion Webinar.

Surveys from those who attend our workshops have demonstrated that a follow-up session would best serve the majority of attendees to further develop their ideas, questions and future direction. There is a large amount of information compiled into the few days of the workshop, and as attendees return to their institutions/organizations, there are more projects and questions that arise. Thus, during and following the workshop, we conduct a needs assessment of how attendees would best benefit in order to enrich their grant seeking and writing experience. The workshop is then custom-made to this feedback.

Thus, the purpose of this two-hour webinar is to:

  • Briefly summarize and overview the key components of the workshops
  • Exemplify and discuss specific class requests that arise during the last day of the class and which are submitted following the class
  • Review and specifically discuss each section of grants that are submitted by participants
  • Exemplify additional areas not covered in the class, such as the auditing process, the grant implementation process and the resubmission
  • Have an on-going dialogue with the Grant Training Center via questions and grant preparations of which the majority will be answered and demonstrated on the aggregate during the seminar

Live Webinar Details:

This webinar takes place entirely online! Participants will join a live online meeting during which they will see a feed of the instructor's computer desktop, a video feed of the instructor, and hear an audio feed. There will be live instructor feedback during the session, so a headset or microphone is suggested (although participants can also ask questions through text chat). Only an internet connected computer with either speakers or headphones is required. After signing up, participants will receive further details by email.

A discount of $20.00 per person will be given if more than one person registers from the same organization.

Cost for this webinar is $195.00. Members receive a $50 discount off all webinars.