Beef Wellington

Writing a Grant is Like Preparing Beef Wellington

A great meal can be as complex to prepare as Beef Wellington, or as simple as roasted chicken. The same is true of writing a winning grant proposal. The grant writer, like the chef, must focus on ingredients, preparation, and presentation. For an epicurean presentation of Beef Wellington, a master chef with experience should be… read more

Hiding from and Audit

Surviving an Audit: How to be Ready

For grantees, an audit can mean life or death for a project. The word “audit” has the ability to put even the most well-organized administration team on edge. I have had the good fortune to be part of an organization that went to great lengths to be prepared for audits. I have also been part… read more

No One Has Your Back

No One Has Your Back: The Truth About Institutional Support

What would you do if faced with the choice of writing successful technical grants outside your area of expertise or losing your job? A participant in a recent workshop I taught told me she had worked as a secretary for many years, but her position recently shifted to accommodate proposal writing. She had never written… read more